Cyber and Digital Advisory

We can advise and implement the steps to required from vulnerabilities found within your cyber security infrastructure and processes from the creation of run book procedures to advising on the appropriate software and technology.

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How effective are your Cyber Audits?

Are you getting value for money?

Would you like a second opinion on whether the focus is on the correct areas?

Are some areas not being audited?

Can we improve certain areas so they are less risky and easier to audit next time?

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We can run a variety of Penetration Tests.

We can also offer these as a managed service.

With our advanced CISO connections we are able to stay current on the latest global policies and procedures around Cyber Security and are uniquely placed to integrate with the Physical side.

We advocate the creation of Run Books to make sure procedures are in place to efficiently respond to attacks.

Switching off systems can be as damaging as an attack itself, therefore we advise on how to contain the attacks and resolve them without destroying the evidence from the crime scene.

We can assist your company in protecting its brand and image across social media and forums.  Not only do we offer a Reverse Search Engine Optimization, but we can also deploy the capability in-house or manage it as a service.
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