Security Led Change Management

  • Testing.  The bane of many a project.

    It is often overlooked or not given adequate support due to earlier delays and then squeezed because of unmovable future deadlines.

    At XyloSys we have developed a framework to integrate requirements gathering with future testing activities.  This framework designed by our core team has been successfully implemented at some of the largest companies in the world.

    Furthermore, with our partner companies tool, we can capture the requirements as a model.  The benefits of this is that detailed requirements can be viewed and enhanced over time and then the required test cases can be generated to be performed manually or automatically (if software related) via the scripts it create.

    For more information on the testing tool, please visit

  • Requirements Gathering, Problem Solving, Architecture and Solution Design

  • With a combination of Security domain experience and management consulting, XyloSys are uniquely placed to create succinct documents to kickstart your activities without it becoming an administrative burden.

    We can provide the initial documentation to ensure that the project has clarity,is realistic and commonly understood by all the stakeholders.

    We can assist in ensuring the all members of the project understand their roles and responsibilities and are aware of the overall goals.

    Finally we can design or enhance all the governance tools to aid in the transparency and predictability of the project.

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  • Key change initiatives may stem from the results of an attack or weak results from a security assessment or a desire to outsource security which is not often a core business.

    With our extensive background and knowledge on security domain, we can manage large Projects & Programmes, run change activities or provide third party quality assurance alongside your chosen suppliers and vendors.