Technology and Products

As an independent business, we are best positioned to advise on the latest and best security and health and safety equipment based on the threats, client requirements and budget.  We can also assist in the running of tenders to procure solutions at competitive prices.

Security Products

For airports, corporate and government offices, events, conferences and ports and railway stations.
Centralisation.  Outsourcing Selection
Centralisation.  Outsourcing Selection
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Secure Communication

Data exfiltration is one of the leading concerns in the cyber age.  With Wikileaks and Edward Snowden being the most high profile examples.  Solutions exists to administer full control over who can receive certain emails, the content they contain and whether they can forward them onto to third parties.
Automatically remove unwanted threats from within the files that your organisation receives.
We offer encrypted Handsets or Android or iOS solutions
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Mechanism to allow the secure transfer of large files. The ability to make sure that the file can be only downloaded once, or automatically expires.

Testing Software

Software solution enabling you to generate test cases from a model. This can be used to automate test cases for software design and implementation or to provide a full range of manual test cases for checking Physical Security. For more information, please go to