Security and Leadership Training

Training, perhaps the most important part of security arsenal.   We can partner with organisations, groups and individuals to provide bespoke training in a number of areas from Close Protection to Hostage Survival and Counter Surveillance.

Protection of People

  • Anti Ambush, J and Y turns and Counter Tailing

  • Covert


    Hostile Environment

  • Training to acclimatise staff to working in hostile environments.  Effective communication, awareness and steps to follow in various situations.

  • Combat Medic

    First Aid Responder

    Trauma Medic

  • Hostage Negotiation training across the three severity levels.

  • Awareness training on how to deal with the situation of being held captive against your will.

  • From self-defence to tackling armed combatants.

Protection of Property and Business Operations

  • Passenger surveillance, body searching and airport specific training.

  • Drone driving licence

  • How to spot weaknesses and vulnerabilities and then how to spot people that are performing the same reconaissance.

  • Training to learn how to protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.

  • How to search people and vehicles for explosives and narcotics.

  • Covert surveillance techniques and surveillance avoidance measures.

  • How to treat incoming mail and parcel and how to screen them. Available equipment and methods of operation.

  • Commonly referred to as “bug sweeping”.

Leadership and Communication

  • How to take control of a crime scene, lock it down and co-ordinate resources without contaminating the crime scene.

  • Effective communication and setting up a chain of command to deal with a variety of scenarios.

  • A number of programmes on effective communication within the law enforcement and military domain.

    Also of particular interest at the moment is our  “Women Advancement Leadership and Development Progamme”.

  • We can train your trainers on a variety of topics including the courses shown on this page.